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What does a condominium policy typically cover?

What does a condominium policy typically cover?

A condominium policy helps protect you from a number of things that can go wrong. Here are some of the most common:



A condominium policy can help protect insured property against lightning and other weather events.



Whether it's smoke damage from a small kitchen fire or extensive damage from a large, accidental fire, a condominium policy can help repair or replace insured property.


Theft or Vandalism

A condominium policy can help cover theft or vandalism of insured property. Policies typically include special limits on things such as collectibles, jewelry, and money.

What isn't covered?

A condominium policy covers you for many types of losses or damage, but it can't protect you from everything. Some examples:


Floods are not covered

A condominium policy does not cover flood damage.


Earthquake coverage is optional

Damage from earthquakes is not covered, unless you specifically purchase coverage for it.

window repair

Not a Home Maintenance Policy

Repairs due to wear and tear or lack of upkeep are not typically covered under a condominium policy.

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