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More Ways to Save - Try IntelliDrive

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Save More By Using IntelliDrive With Travelers

Great news! Travelers has a telematics program called IntelliDrive. Your safe driving habits can now earn you substantial savings.

IntelliDrive offers a one-time enrollment discount of 10%. Great driving habits can potentially lead to a higher discount. This telematics program via a downloaded mobile app, objectively assess your personal driving behaviors, like how fast you drive and how you brake.

How Does IntelliDrive work?

The IntelliDrive app captures information about your driving for 90 days, offering you an opportunity to influence your premium. You simply download the app and drive. The IntelliDrive app collects information including:

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  • Your speed

  • How hard you brake

  • Interactions with your phone

  • How fast you accelerate

  • Time of day

The safer your drive, the more you save.

Are There Any Negatives?

Yes. While safe driving habits can lead to savings, riskier driving behaviors may result in higher premiums. However, you always have the option to opt out within the first 45 days with no impact other than the loss of your enrollment discount.

Sounds scary right? But come on, who can't be a great driver for a very short period of time. It is only 90 days! You can do it!

This app is also great for parents with new or young drivers. It incentivizes them to be cautious and safe drivers. This is a win win.

I Don't Want To Be Tracked By An App!

We get it. But guess what? You are likely already using a variety of resources that are collecting data, such as your cellphones, social media accounts and smart home devices. This is the world we live in, and we cannot control that. However, safe driving habits is something you can totally control. Your insurance premium is in your hands. You now have more control over how much you pay for insurance based on how you drive.

And rest assured, Travelers is committed to protecting you and your privacy.

You can learn more about Travelers IntelliDrive my clicking This Link to their FAQ page.

Hope This Helps!

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