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Our 3 Rules

My name is Vincent Fuccilli and I would like my brokerage, Bergen Insurance Group, to be your Independent Insurance Agency. For more than 7 years, my office has been helping families all across New Jersey insure their homes, cars, recreational vehicles, rental properties and businesses. To best help our clients, we follow a few rules in my agency that help ensure that we do our best to provide the utmost attention and proper level of service that our clients deserve.

Here are the rules at Bergen Insurance Group, LLC

Rule #1

My agency will not recommend the minimum insurance requirements. If you have the minimum insurance limits, your coverage may not cover all of the expenses if a claim happens. This will leave you financially responsible. There are 3 cost of insurance: 1) Your Premium, 2) Your Deductible, and 3) the cost of being Underinsured. We will do our best to help you choose the right limits and coverage for your situation.

Rule #2

My agency will not provide a quote for you in 15 minutes or less. It takes time to discover your needs and then make prudent recommendations based on YOUR needs, not the needs of the insurance company or salesperson trying to sell you a "cheap" policy.

Rule #3

My agency will not cut your coverage just to get your business. We much rather earn Your Trust. Our goal at Bergen Insurance Group is - The Right Coverage for your insurance needs at the Best Price. In order to achieve this, we need cooperation and the ability to build a relationship with our clientele.

Insurance prices change, and so do your insurance needs. Let these 3 rules help create an honest foundation. We hope to help you find the value with Bergen Insurance Group.

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