June 11, 2018

How much should you insure your home for?  Most people believe they should insure their home for the purchase price or mortgage loan amount.  It most cases, this is not the accurate amount of insurance.

You should insure your home for replacement cost. 


(Photo by Jessica Furtney)

Most homeowners policies in New Jersey include the following common coverages:

Keep in mind that your policy may provide more or less coverage depending on your needs and the type of policy your purchase.

  • Dwelling (Coverage A) pays if your h...

March 8, 2018

If a Tree Falls... Who Should File a Claim?

A Tree on your property damages your house

Your homeowner's policy should cover the cost to remove the tree and repairing the damage to your house.

A Tree blows over in a storm and damages your car in the driveway

If you have com...

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