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5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Insurance from an Independent Insurance Agent

Anthony Sollitto

You aren’t just a policy number or claim number to us.

It is sad that many insurance commercials and marketing material paint insurance as a price based commodity. However, it is important to understand that having the correct coverage is serious business. It should not be about just getting the cheapest price, but the best coverage for your individual needs at the best price.

In order for that to be possible, you should work with an Independent Insurance Agent. Independent Agents do not work for any one insurance company. They work for themselves and most importantly, they work for their clients.

Here are My 5 Reasons Why You Should Only Buy Insurance from and Independent Agent:

  1. Your Personal Shopper: Independent Agents are not restricted to just one company, such as a Geico or Progressive Direct. Instead, they have access to a wide range of insurance companies and products (sometimes over 30 companies). Let us do the coverage and price shopping for you. All this at no additional cost to you. Save Money and Time.

  2. Real People: Independent Agents are local, small business owners. No one knows a local, like a local. Do you really enjoy calling a 1-800-wait-for-1hour-on –hold # and get a random customer service rep from another state? When you work with an independent, you will get real people that you hopefully got to meet in person or over the phone. Someone who will know your name and who you are. I might not seem like a big deal until it’s time to report a claim or ask coverage questions. Do you want someone on the phone who is trained to be sympathetic or do you want to be on the phone with someone who actually does care.

  3. Special Knowledge: Independent Agents understand that insurance is confusing, complicated and even boring to the average person. We deal with it on a daily basis and sometimes coverages and choices change or evolve. For this reason, agents do their best to help you understand your coverages and choices. And our work isn’t over once you purchase your policy. They are available to help answer your questions, make any requested changes to your policy and make coverage recommendations.

  4. Reputation: Independent Agents truly care about their reputation and take pride in providing outstanding service to their clients. Most clients are referrals from family members, friends, and current clients. These are all people that we would never want to disappoint. Most importantly, they trusted us enough to put their reputation on the line as well. We take care of their referrals the same way we take care of our family and friends. It is our goal to treat everyone as a V.I.P. client. We aren’t perfect. But we do our Best.

  5. We Care: Independent Agents really do care. At least I know we do at Bergen Insurance Group. Granted, I am beating a dead horse and have stated this multiple times throughout. But we Care, we really do. Trust me; we get frustrated like you do when we see your insurance premium skyrocket. We don’t want you to pay more money than you have. This job is the money or commission focused, but people focused. We want you to be happy and believe you are paying a fair price for your situation. We care when an insurance claim isn’t being properly handled. We do our best to be a liaison between you and the insurance carrier and expedite everything as professionally possible.

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